Mobilization of equipment for True North’s Aappaluttoq Ruby and Pink Sapphire project commenced on September 23, 2014. (see Latest News for more information) LNS Greenland A/S (“LNSG”) has mobilized at full speed and True North is extremely impressed at the progress of development achieved by LNS Greenland in such a short time period.

Initial construction has commenced including     :

  • ■ Upgrading and winterization of the current exploration camp with the installation of safety board-walks, significant upgrades to the camp electrical system, installation of new generators, and conversion of all heating from propane to electrical power;
  • ◼ Installation of a small construction camp at the outer port;
  • Construction of a fully safety compliant explosives depot (temporary);
  • The fabrication of the landing dock;
  • Construction on a 1.5 kilometer trail from the Outer Port to the main camp site;
  • Operating heavy equipment: haul trucks, a small blasting drill rig, front end loaders and excavators etc. on site;
  • Ongoing blasting in order to level the ground for the permanent camp.

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