Construction Update November 13th 2014

There has been excellent progress since construction was initiated in September 2014 despite the freezing weather conditions. A total of 24 personnel are currently on site and working on a variety of tasks, including:

  • Delivery of the primary jaw crusher to site.
  • Initiation of aggregate production for work tracks and making of concrete.
  • Access route from the camp to the inner port has been completed.
  • The access route from the outer port to the camp is highly advanced with blasting currently in progress to complete the final section.
  • Ground preparation for the helipad has commenced.
  • Commencement of blasting and installation of the water line, sewer line, electricity cabling and foundation work for the camp.
  • Installation of the pier foundation is completed allowing the construction of the outer port to continue.
  • Commencement of planning for the site environmental monitoring.


Upgrade to existing exploration camps to accommodate mine construction workers.


Outer port and barge landing under construction.


Current progress and construction of roadway from outer port towards camp.


Inner gate in fjord, new roadway on the right.


Construction and logistics at the outer port facility including new temporary construction camp.


Temporary explosives storage depot at the outer port.


Heavy equipment arrives in camp.


Barge re-supplying outer port and offloading construction materials.


Heavy equipment completing first strip of outer port roadway.


Operations at site.