Baffin Sapphire

The Beluga Sapphire property is located on southeastern Baffin Island, Nunavut, near the town of Kimmirut. The property consists of four claims covering 16.4 square kilometres. The property is 100% owned by True North Gems.

Sapphire was discovered on the property in 2002 by a local prospector. Exploration showed that sapphire, yellow sapphire, colourless sapphire, and pink sapphire, all varieties of the mineral corundum, are found on the property. Sapphire crystals up to 20 cm in length have been found. More than fifteen gem corundum locations occur over a 4.5 kilometre distance. Sapphires occur in calc-silicate lenses which show widespread metamorphic and hydrothermal replacement in outcrop, surface trenches, and drill core. The mineral scapolite has been found in close association with sapphire. Scapolite is highly fluorescent, and can be mapped at night using ultraviolet light.