Gemstone Certification


RubyTrack ™

Similar to the Kimberly Process with diamonds, True North has developed the first coloured gemstone tracking system to track corundum from mine to market. The movement today is towards all companies in all industries having to track their raw materials – and the United Nations has placed gemstones on this list. Many industries are issuing Fair Trade Guidelines for their products. True North is the only coloured gemstone company who has developed such a tracking system and is setting the standard for the industry worldwide.

The RubyTrack ™ System allows True North to track corundum from the mine site to cleaning to sorting to cut and polish and finally distribution to sales offices, auction locations and customers.

RubyTrack ™ is teamed up with the Certificate of Authenticity allowing the end consumer assurances that the ruby or pink sapphire is from Greenland and is an ethically mined stone that has a lineage and history that can be traced back – ensuring an identifiable audit trail for Greenlandic ruby and sapphire.

Certificate of Authenticity

True North, in conjunction with the Government of Greenland, issues a Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate integrates with the RubyTrack ™ system in guaranteeing the integrity of the supply from the mine to the cutters and to the retail trade. It gives the cutter and consumer confidence in the origin and ethically mined Greenland ruby and pink sapphire.

True North is a member of three organizations that further support the Certificate of Authenticity:

Sulisitsisut: Greenlandic word for Employers Association. This means that all workers have rights and proper working conditions. It is a strong signal that all work is regulated.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Greenland: CSR is an organization under which members provide jobs and all taxes are paid. True North has agreed to help fund education of people working in this sector, as well as a cultural fund providing cultural activities for the local community at Fiskenaesset.

Transparency International Greenland: Transparency is an international organization that commits its members to execute transparency in everything they do.