Yukon Emerald

The Tsa Da Glisza property is located in the southeastern Yukon, Canada. The property is comprised of 105 claims covering 21 square kilometres. The property is 100% owned by True North Gems.

Emeralds were found on the property in 1998 and True North Gems began work on the property in 2001. Activities over five years include soil sampling, silt sampling, prospecting, geological and structural mapping, diamond drilling, trenching, and mini-bulk sampling and processing in the on-site plant.

Emeralds are found over a distance of 903 metres with a 200 metre elevation range. Emeralds are located in and adjacent to quartz-tourmaline veins which cut chlorite-rich schist. The Creataceous-age granite and the critical juxtaposition between elements in the veins (specifically beryllium, Be) and the wall rock (chromium, Cr), allows emeralds (the mineral beryl) to crystallize. The mineral beryl is coloured green by the element chromium, which also gives them the property of chromium fluorescence, or the ability to emit light as well as reflect it.