VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwire – Dec. 16, 2009) – True North Gems (TSX VENTURE:TGX) is pleased to announce the receipt of preliminary mineralogy for the company’s 100% owned True Blue rare earth (REE) property in the Yukon. Results reported on November 24, 2009 returned assay results on samples at three separate locations with assays up to 6.02% Total Rare Earth Oxides + Yttrium (TREO) and 2.52% Niobium Oxide (Nb2O5) associated within skarn and an altered felsic dyke swarm. Further exploration will be required on these new discoveries.

Subsequent to the reporting of earlier assay results, seven samples were selected and subjected to quantitative phase analysis using the Rietveld method on X-ray powder diffraction data (Rietveld P-XRD). Mineral phase identification and quantification showed lower detection limits of 0.3 modal percent.

The Rietveld method results have identified the following minerals which are believed to contain the majority of the rare earth elements and niobium, reported by modal percent in each sample: allanite-(Ce) (up to 16.6%), zircon (up to 10.8%), fersmite (up to 1.9%), baddeleyite (up to 1.3%), hydroxylapatite (up to 1.2%), columbite (up to 0.6%), monazite-(Ce) (up to 0.5%), tazheranite (up to 0.4%), and xenotime-(Y) (up to 0.3%). Fersmite and columbite are the niobium enriched minerals.

The seven rocks are described as follows, based on their whole rock mineralogy:

  • Guano Prospect: diopside-quartz-allanite (zircon-actinolite) skarn;
  • Guano Prospect: quartz-kfeldspar-zircon-allanite (fluorite-actinolite-almandine) altered felsic dyke;
  • Guano Prospect: quartz-calcite-muscovite (zircon-ankerite) altered felsic dyke;
  • Guano Prospect: andradite-quartz-actinolite-allanite (diopside-zircon) skarn;
  • Guano Prospect: quartz-kfeldspar-actinolite-plagioclase (diopside-zircon) altered felsic dyke;
  • Guano Prospect: quartz-calcite-muscovite–dolomite altered felsic dyke;
  • Shark Bowl: albite-quartz-muscovite-ankerite (magnetite) altered syenite.

The results of this mineralogical evaluation and hence the identification of some of the minerals are preliminary in nature. Further work is recommended and required on the True Blue property to establish a full appreciation of the average REE and niobium content of the three different REE occurrences discovered to date on the property.

The Rietveld XRD samples were prepared and analysed by the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of British Columbia. The samples were reduced to the optimum grain-size range for quantitative X-ray analysis by grinding under ethanol in a vibratory McCrone Micronising Mill. Step-scan X-ray powder-diffraction data were collected with CoKa radiation on a Bruker D8 Focus Bragg-Brentano diffractometer.

The True Blue property is located 55 kilometres south of Ross River, Yukon and is accessible via all-weather road to the Ketza River gold mine, followed by 10 kilometers of summer-only road to the property.

The original field program was conducted over an eight day period in August and was operated by Mackevoy Geosciences Ltd. The field crew was headed by David Turner, M.Sc., P.Geo. The True Blue field program was conducted with financial support from the Yukon Mining Incentives Program (YMIP).

True North Gems Inc. is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and is engaged in the exploration and development of North American and Greenlandic coloured gemstone prospects. The Company is a pioneer in coloured gemstone exploration and, currently in Greenland, has the rights to earn 100% interest in the Fiskenaesset ruby and pink sapphire property, and holds a 100% interest in the Qaqqatsiaq ruby property, and in Canada, holds a 100% interest in the Tsa da Glisza emerald property, Yukon, and the Beluga sapphire property located on Baffin Island, Nunavut.

The Company relies on litigation protection for “forward-looking” statements. Certain technical information contained within this press release is 43-101 non-compliant by virtue of the fact that National Instrument 43-101which governs public disclosure of technical information for mineral exploration properties in Canada is silent with respect to the exploration and technical disclosure of gemstone properties. The company employs high standards for the collection of geological information and exploration data, employs industry recognized professionals as qualified persons to provide oversight and management of the exploration programs and is committed to the implementation of QA/QC protocols to monitor the integrity of the technical information.

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